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Silent screams
Her silent lips scream out
    the agonies of her too-late-heart
And her bloodshot eyes will tell you
    why it screams
They've seen the nights
    under the torment of her conscience
They've shed the frustrated tears
    of evening
Her so-silent lips smile through the day
    With the one she's loved so long
But her arms will cling to afternoons
    with the one who loves her more
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 4 0
I'm not alone
I'm not alone
I can still hear your voice
    telling me everything's alright
I can still hear your laugh
    joyous without restraint
But only when my music is loud
I can still feel your hands
    fingers intertwined with mine
I can still feel your arms
    holding me close to your heart
But only when I'm curled in my blankets
I can still see your eyes
    bright blue and timeless
I can still see your smile
    grinning impossibly again
But only in my pictures
I can still taste your lips
    tender and sweet against mine
I can still taste your skin
    perfectly warm and smooth
But only in my dreams
But I can't smell your smell
    that irresistible essence of you
I can't hold you close
    and say how much i love you
If only because you're too far away
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 3 2
I'm not broken
I'm not broken, only bending
I'm not alone, just lonely
I'm not lost, only waiting
I'm just surviving, hardly lively
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 2 0
One holoween night
I took my Ghoul for a walk
Our route letting us stop to talk
Meeting with Shaggy, Velma, and Matt Smith
Seeing friends more fun than we had wished
But time grew its wings out fully
So I guided my love home truly
As the full moon reached its peak
We climbed into bed to rest our feet
The snores of the kitten under my hand
Tugged me gently into my perfect land
A land of swoooping draogns, cooing doves
Of never-ending time with the man I love
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 1 11
You gave to my heart
Glittering dragons wings
And you offered my voice
Many gleeful songs to sing
You lifted up my dreams
And gave them bright new hues
You took away my fear
And gave me something to lose
You brought excitement to my life
With a smile never unkind
You gave me quiet comfort
And brought me peace of mind
How can I thank you
For all you've shown me?
And how can I repay you
For all the things you've given me?
The truth is, I'm forever in debt
For all the compassion to your name
I guess I need to stay with you a while
And keep trying to do the same
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 0 2
Trial of tears
Let the tears come
Let them fall
Have them tell the stories
Of teenage ignorance
And the consequences to come
Let them speak
To the volumes of a hearts conflicting dreams
And the minds mistakes in weakness
These salty drops of emotion
Can testify to a childs confession
Of short sighted wistfulness
And letting emotion override reason
They'll convict her of being a child
And sentence her to life as an adult
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 0 0
Words for the soul
Just words on the paper
For expressions sake
Easily typed now, but later
I'll want to burn them at the stake
Inspiration comes and goes
Whenever it may please
But it likes me best when I am low
Left alone and on my knees
Oh what I wouldn't give
To write nothing but words of joy
But what life is there to live
If it is no more than a toy?
Every line has its meaning
Every word its place
But their absence leaves me steaming
Even with a smile on my face
The greatest glee
Brings the greatest frustration
As the shining words avoid me
Refusing the capture of my exaltation
So my great minutes of wonder
The flowing moments of content
Have been lost far yonder
A failure I resent
Even now, hopelessly in love
With one who feels the same
All I can say is above
For my written shame
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 1 0
Horror and aprehension
For the words so calmly spoken
Some comprehension for the coward
A tribute to the untested
Shamed and guilty
From the stories barely mentioned
Some tears for the "protector"
Just another scar to the strong
You've heard my stories before
But pay them no heed
I never knew how wrong I was
If you want to hear me
Hear me now
Never be shy
To pass a kind word
And don't hesitate
To bite down a painful remark
Words have power
As we all know
But we never understand
The impact of communication
But a few powerful words
Could save or take a life
Could change a view of life
Can turn an emotion around
If I could leave you with one thing
It would be this:
Your life is wonderful
And to another, it may be bliss
I for one have finally learned my lesson
About the curse of the sheltered
And the burden of the oblivious
And I'm not afraid anymore
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 1 2
Happiness is a beautiful thing
It finds you when you least expect it
If not when you most need it
Happiness is a beautiful thing
It changes how you see the world
And the people and things in it
Happiness is a beautiful thing
No matter the casue
Be it ignorance, freedom, or love
Happiness is a beautiful thing
Something everyone deserves
Something I've found again
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 0 0
The Prisoner
Just an emotion
Kept deep in secret
Locked away from prying eyes
Harbored like a fugitive
Punished like a criminal
And yet it thrives
Held behind iron bars
Of pain and self control
All this time, it has survived
The love of one, never truly shown
An emotion, despised and deprived
A war fought for a prisoners demise
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 0 0
Hello Life!
Life keeps spinning
And the game goes on
Could I possibly be winning?
Or could I just be wrong?
Either way I'm happy
If just for a minute.
Life can be sudden and sappy,
So I'm going to live to my limit
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 0 3
The Game
I feel I am trapped in a repeating game
Where I am always the loser
I want only to leave here and now
If I can't any sooner
I am held here against my will
My heart I must obey
With my every plea to leave
It begs only to stay
I sink forever deeper
With every taunting blow
Struggling ever more for breath
But never with a score to show
This game that some call love
Is one I have played too long
My heart would keep it up forever
But I am not that strong
So I think it's time I save and quit
And attend to my broken life
For the game will always be here
If ever I want for strife
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 0 2
What do you believe?
What do you believe?
Of all the religions and theories,
How do you know you're right?
Do you believe in wars,
fought for a 'loving' god,
That cause the pain,
And death
Of thousands?
Do you believe in 8 gods?
Or 1?
How about none?
Do you believe that
When you were born
Can determine your personality?
How do you think humans
Came to be here,
On this perfectly imperfect planet?
How do you think our plane of existence
Came into being?
Is it the only one?
What do you believe?
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 0 0
A Candle to the Sun
A candle may shed light in the darkness,
Where before there was none.
A short beacon of hope and truth,
But nothing in daylight.
The sun shines bright,
A never ending inferno of warmth, light, and promise
Here long before and after
The little candle burns out.
But every day must end,
At least for a little while.
So keep your little candle close,
To find your way through the dark nights
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 0 0
Who do you think you are?
It's not you.
It's him.
That man over there,
In the red jacket,
With the knowing smile
And sparkling eyes.
He's the one I love.
Who do you think you are?
You call yourself a dreamer.
A tempter, I say.
But I can't fight back.
You found me at my weakest,
And stole my heart away.
You took all my defenses,
And left me laughing helplessly,
Spilling the bluntest truths,
And the deepest secrets,
Without hesitation.
Who do you think you are?
You're just a boy.
A human boy, my own age.
I've known your name for two days,
And known you for one.
Who do you think you are?
But then again, who am I?
A lost little dreamer,
Who meets a boy and steals his heart away.
Who leaves him on the grass,
To talk about chemistry,
And the spontaneousity,
And insanity of life.
All in the bluntest truth,
Sprinkled with the deepest secrets.
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 0 0
Nothing but words
Words, words. So often misused
Likely misplaced, forgotten or abused
Sometimes just letters upon a screen
Though they mean so much to me
Used for pointless things throughout the day
But once needed, they all but fly away
Easy to hide behind
It is so simple, a lie
But harder to find the truth in a line
Sometimes it's easier just to cry
Simple words, so plain and clear
Can sound so different to anothers ear
The honest truth, written for all to see
May seem to some, just a mystery
So forsake the words, let them rot
I'd rather listen to my own heart
:icondrag0nr1der9:drag0nr1der9 0 5


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Promise to You
I will be the sun in your sky
And I will be the one by your side
I will always be there to get you through
I will be the one who loves you
And I will be the one who comes through
I will always be here for you
Time has flown by
Leaving scars on your life
But know that there is one thing
You can always count on
Being there for your every need
Just call out to me
I will come running
I will vanquish your nightmares
Banish your fears
Heal your sorrows
And carry for you
All of your tears
Honestly I dont mind
For you I would give my life
I promise you
I will share all the good times
Help with the bad times
Shelter you from the rain
This is my promise to you
I will fight of your worries
Take all of your pain
And hide it away
Nothing will hurt you
As long as I am here
And always I will stay
I will be your helping hand
And I will be there to help you stand
I will always be there to get you through
I will be the beat of your songs
I will be there to keep you strong
I will always be here for you
:icondarknessoftruth:darknessoftruth 164 35



United States
Current Residence: wonderful huntington beach
From crappy week to a very good Saturday, i can deal with this. Life is still being complicated and annoying, but things have generally been looking better. I got the new set of D&D dice i ordered, and got a few little awesome extras they sent. But the best thing has to do with the marching band competition I was in today. We got first place in color guard, percussion, and wind ensemble  performance, and took highest score in all 3 sweepstakes.(highest score for all competing bands, not just size divisions) We finally qualified for championships and it was a huge payoff for all our hours and hours of rehearsal. I think I can deal with the effects from "Who do you think you are" easily, at least for a while. Thank you for actually reading my little rant! -C/A


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